project design


Initial consultations and discussion resulting in the production of initial concept designs. In many ways this is the most important aspect of a project for this will initially determine whether a prospective site can accommodate sufficient building "coverage" so as to make the project feasible to construct. A number of projects were designed by Intercapital on sites that were initially considered to have insurmountable encumberances for a feasible project, resulting in purchase by the client of the vacant site at a price much reduced from market price.


Initially the concept design is developed for lodgement of Development Application (DA) with Council. Many projects may also require a Statement of Environmental Effects, landscape plans, hydraulic plans, heritage reports, acoustic reports, site contamination reports, shadow diagrams, site analysis plans and, on occasions, briefing and consultation with specialist solicitors for hearings in the Land and Environment Court. Many of these fields are sub-let to specialist consultants, all professionally co-ordinated by Intercapital

Upon DA approval, the design is fully developed and detailed documents and working construction drawings are prepared for lodgement of an application for a Construction Certificate (CC). A CC can be applied for with private practice Principal Certifying Authorities (PCAs) as well as with the local Council. This includes full architectural plans, full structural construction drawings and, depending on the size of the project, designs by other specialist disciplines such as hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical consultants. Again, many of these fields are sub-let to specialist consultants, all professionally co-ordinated by Intercapital

What sets us apart from many other architectural and project documentation firms is an aspect of the project which goes mostly ignored but probably is the most critical, namely project finance. Where applicable, we can work with you to obtain project finance and/or liase with your financier and with other consultants where required such as valuers, accountants, quantity surveyors and real estate agents to ensure that your financing arrangements are sound.

pROject & construction management

When required, project and/or construction management is part of the service we provide. The scope of this work can differ between projects and needs to be ascertained before commencing. This work can include the following:-

• Establishing an appropriate project procurement method (Eg. Individual trade contracts or traditional Building Contract)
• Calling for and assessing tenders
• Preparing the contract(s) for construction
• Supervising work on site
• Inspecting work and authorising progress payments
• Documenting and authorising variations
• Assessing completion and resolving difficulties
• Defects liability administration


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